Facilities Audit

Facilities Audit is a systematic inspection and identification of the physical and functional adequacy of facilities, with particular reference to the building fabric, services and site works components, to provide input for life cycle cost analysis, short term maintenance planning, and long term planning purposes.

Some of the benefits of our “Walk through” audit are listed as follows:

  1. Identify building, equipment, and infrastructure deficiencies.
  2. Offer a constant flow of essential maintenance and repair work for the maintenance staff and facilities management.
  3. Provide facilities management with data that will aid in prioritizing building renewal and deferred maintenance projects.
  4. Present a report to assist administrators, facility managers, and accountants with their long-range planning and budgeting activities.
  5. Enhance personnel safety by identifying potential hazards.
  6. Reduce the overall costs of maintenance by initiating early corrective actions in lieu of reacting to later breakdowns.
  7. Achieve productivity improvements by correlating priority maintenance workloads with workforce labour availability and scheduled material procurements.
  8. Increase the reliability and obtain the full economical life of equipment through proper maintenance, thereby decreasing the need for additional capital investment.
  9. Reduce the number of equipment failures, thereby preventing interference with essential operation, reducing the dangers to life and property, and avoiding the high cost or long lead times for replacement of critical support equipment.
  10. Reduce the frequency of trouble calls through proactive maintenance so that fewer resources are expended on crises, thereby enabling the preventive maintenance program to become more effective.