Parking Management

Parking is an essential component of the transportation system. Parking convenience affects the ease of reaching destinations and therefore affects overall accessibility. Problems of parking can often be defined either in terms of supply (too few spaces are available, somebody must build more) or in terms of management (available facilities are used inefficiently and should be better managed). 


Our goal is to proffer management solutions, which actually tend to be better than expanding supply because they support more strategic planning objectives aims at making better use of available parking supply:

Possible jams are avoided, especially in rush hour with significant vehicle traffic that may even collapse at the parking entrance

- Time savings: Tenants, customers and staff may access free spots fairly quickly without wasting time driving around looking for a place to park. This is critical particularly during peak hours when few spots remain open and customers take time finding them.

- Better service: comfort and convenient is provided, reducing stressful situations and decreasing the risk of an accident (especially during rush hour).